Learning Styles Inventory

Journal Club Article: Collins, J. B., & Pratt, D. D. (2011). The teaching perspectives inventory at 10 years and 100,000 respondents: Reliability and validity of a teacher self-report inventoryAdult Education Quarterly61(4), 358-375.

Background on Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)

“Ten years of accumulated responses for more than 100,000 respondents in more than 100 countries has provided a rich data bank for analysis of the instrument’s reliability, validity, and utility in promoting conversations about teaching that are respectful of disciplinary and professional
signature pedagogies as well as cultural and social variations on how teaching is understood and valued.”

General Model of Teaching

“abstracts a teaching session into five elements (teacher, learners, content, context, and
ideals) and three relationships (teacher↔learner, teacher↔content, and learner↔content).”

But what is ‘effective teaching’?

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Teaching Perspectives Inventory

Nursing Education Network. (2019). Teaching Perspectives Inventory