Nursing Resilience: Organisational Values

Journal Club Article: Cooper, A. L., Brown, J. A., & Leslie, G. D. (2021). The impact of organisational values on nurse resilience: A mixed‐methods studyJournal of Nursing Management29(7), 2074-2083.

Method: A two-phase mixed-methods design, with data collected in Phase 1 via a cross-sectional survey and in Phase 2 via focus groups, with thematic analysis of qualitative data.

Participants: 394 nurses responded to the survey with 25 participating in the follow-up focus groups.

Setting: Single 578-bed private, not-for-profit acute hospital.

Results: 3 themes relating to organisational values were identified:

  1. Pressures and challenges
  2. Supports and strategies
  3. Impact of organisational values

Conclusion: “Organisational values may positively impact resilience if nurses concur
with those values and believe they are shared by their employer.”

Clinical Importance: This study importantly investigated the impact of organisational values on nurse resilience.

Additional Resources: Resilience in Healthcare and Resilience in Nursing.