Eye Gazing

Do we interact and engage with our phones more than we do with our fellow humans? Interesting question, and this is where eye gazing comes in to remind us of the connection and interactions we make though our eyes. These are important questions as we spend our lives connected through work and play in an online world and in particular social media platforms. As the real world becomes entwined with virtual reality and robots, what will our lives look like in the future and how will humans connect? If technology increases in healthcare, what will the nurse-patient relationship look like?

Keywords: Trust, connection, healing, bonding, sacred, relaxing, spiritual.

Where Has Human Connection Gone?


Eye Gazing With Strangers



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Meet The Avatars: Virtual Reality and Virtual Humans

Virtual Reality and Virtual Humans

This great video shows some of the complexities of technology, especially around virtual reality and how to combine with humans. The emotions when we get down to relationships from the humanistic aspect are amazing, a little lump in the throat. Have a watch, and take the time to think if you could interact with a friend or family who is no longer alive, firstly would you use VR to connect and how would you prepare for the feelings and experience? This great piece shows the difficulty in entwining technology around what makes us human.  Not forgetting history is important too, and VR can help save memories from the people experiencing them like no history book every could. This is human endeavour pushing the boundaries.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” quote by Marcus Garvey.

Meet The Avatars

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Eye Gazing