Welcome to Nursing Education Network. This educational website is created by nurses specifically for nurse educators. Education theory, simulation, research and social media are part of this e-learning experience. The aim is to create a resource for nurses to access, share and develop a learning community using open access resources.

Education Philosophy: The posts we create are based on micro-learning, so they are focused quick snippets for learning on the go.

Blog Philosophy: In the spirit of the NHS- free access for all. You are invited to use our content to help others learn, all we ask is that you spread the word about #FOANed (Free Open Access Nursing Education).

Editor:  Paul Ross

  • ICU nurse and nurse educator with an interest in education theory, technology and innovation. Key interest areas: Nurse education, adult learning, e-learning, technology and free open access nursing education (#FOANed).
  • Qualifications: Post grad ICU, Masters of Adult Education, Masters of Nursing Research, PhD student.
  • Social Media: @ICUnurses