Nursing Education Network Presentations

Here is the playlist for all presentations to date. Remember its a work in progress so they will increase in number, and hopefully in quality and presenting skills over time. They are based around microlearning so are perfect for on the go learning. If you go to the original post for each recording, the presentation is also available as file version to download.

Research Software: JASP

Trying to conduct research statistics can be both a timely and costly experience. This post is investigating and trying the open source package of JASP by University of Amsterdam. There are many other packages, but I have started with a resource that appears to not require coding skills (so more to match my skills or limitations) and my budget (zero as always!). If you are aware of other software please add the details in the comments section and we can build this page with more resources. Note: No disclaimer or conflict of interest for this product, its not an advertisement, just a potentially exciting and helpful software program.

How to use JASP

Harvard Macy Institute Community Resources

This post is to share a fantastic health care education resource that provides resources, discussion, hot topics and is a global community of practice. One to definitely follow.

Harvard Macy Community Blog: “Fostering the ongoing connectedness of health professions educators committed to transforming health care delivery and education”


Key terms: Social learning; situated learning; community of practice; innovation; incubator; social media; global citizen

Note: No affiliation with any of the recommended resources (I wish!)


Introduce and provide an overview of heutagogy:

  • What is heutagogy
  • Challenges of sandpit approach in healthcare

This is part of the presentation series from Nursing Education Network. All based on microlearning, they will be short quick snippets on education topics to provide an introductory overview.


Nursing Education Network. (2018). Heutagogy & Nursing.

Teaching Perspectives Inventory.

Its a good time, mid year to take some reflection time and take a self review on your education practice. The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) can provide a framework for this reflective exercise.

What Is The TPI?

  • 45 item inventory.
  • Aids the collation of ideas and thoughts around education
  • 5 main domains of learning, motivation, education goals, teacher role, nature of learners and influence of context.
  • Helps to better understand beliefs-actions-intentions of teaching.
  • On completion provides a Teaching Perspectives profile.

Why Take The TPI?

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory can help if,

  • “Preparing for a teaching evaluation
  • Creating your teacher portfolio
  • Reflecting on your teaching
  • Researching teaching perspectives
  • Curious about different approaches to teaching”

TPI & Good Teaching

Summarising the TPI results into different perspectives for your profile will focus around the following perspectives:

  • Transmission
  • Apprenticeship
  • Developmental
  • Nurturing
  • Social Reform


Teaching Perspectives Inventory

Collins, J. B., & Pratt, D. D. (2011). The teaching perspectives inventory at 10 years and 100,000 respondents: Reliability and validity of a teacher self-report inventoryAdult Education Quarterly61(4), 358-375.

Pratt, D. D. (1998). Five perspectives on teaching in adult and higher education. Krieger Publishing Co.

Pratt, D. D., & Collins, J. B. (2000). The teaching perspectives inventory (TPI).

Education In Healthcare

Introduce and provide an overview of education theories:

  • Constructivism
  • Experiential Learning
  • Communities of Practice (CoP’s)

This is the first presentation from the Nursing Education Network series. All based on microlearning, they will be short quick snippets on education topics to provide an introductory overview.