Globalisation: Trade & Economics

This post is to aid further discussion and additional resources around the topic of globalisation which impacts us all wherever we are in the world. As we now live in an inter-connected world, it is important to understand how life, work, education and economics interact. In these resources the discussion of scale, ethics, morality, inter-dependence, connectivity and community demonstrate the part globalisation plays in our lives. We will stay away from the political aspects and just focus on the impact of international market forces.

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3. The Free Market and Morality by Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University, author and economist.


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Nursing Education Network. (2017) Globalisation YouTube playlist



Globalisation: Understanding The Global Citizen


Weber (2014) describes a negative aspect of globalisation as being the focus on market values and not human values. Adults engage in learning to meet a specific work or personal goal, for social interaction and seek knowledge. To participate in adult education is dependent on public and social policy within formal academia and government policy.  The effect of nationality, economic, political, cultural and ecological factors impact on education and training.

This post compliments Global Adult Education Policy, Agendas and Ideologies in providing resources on gaining an understanding on globalisation. This is all very relevant, especially in the current global political climate. For the educator to understand education on a micro and macro level and how this links in with business, politics and globalisation.

What Is Globalisation?


Additional Viewing: This clip is from Noam Chomsky “Requiem For The American Dream”.



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