Globalisation: Trade & Economics

This post is to aid further discussion and additional resources around the topic of globalisation which impacts us all wherever we are in the world. As we now live in an inter-connected world, it is important to understand how life, work, education and economics interact. In these resources the discussion of scale, ethics, morality, inter-dependence, connectivity and community demonstrate the part globalisation plays in our lives. We will stay away from the political aspects and just focus on the impact of international market forces.

Previous Globalisation Posts


1.Globalization – The Upside: Crash Course World by John Green.

2. How do global trade laws work? Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger talks about how global trade, free trade and trade laws work.

3. The Free Market and Morality by Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University, author and economist.


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