Innovative Based Practice

Innovative Based Practice (IBP) allows for new ideas, technology and innovation to be introduced into ways of working. The fear of making mistakes in the risk averse culture that surrounds work may stifle innovation. But safety and ethics processes are present to protect against changes to clinical practice. This post is all about trying new ways of working, changing the team dynamics, using technology to improve efficiency. In healthcare money is normally tight/non-existant, so its advisable to try free or cheap software and technology. If the idea or innovation doesn’t work then it’s just time lost and onto the next idea, no one needs to worry about the financial impact. As a team the way failure is dealt with is vital, a ‘no blame’ environment and ‘team culture’ to accept and review the what, why and what could be done better next team creates a safe environment where innovation and change is embraced. Nothing in life works out 100% so why would it in the workplace. Those team members who revel in another’s failure, well it’s down to the team to set out behavioral expectations and create a team ethos.

Ideas are great, but to embed practice change is a difficult process. Things to consider:

The early adopters (The Champions) can help drive change with enthusiasm, but don’t forget the political and power aspects. Networking with the opinion leaders of the unit and harnessing their social networks is essential.


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