The Science of Learning: Quick Revision Tips

Here are a few quick revision tips to put into practice when studying.

Chunking Theory: Make it bitesize the content you are learning. It’s unlikely you can remember entire chapters, so take keypoints and relate them to the clinical environment (make the hooks to link theory to clinical situations)

Challenge: Test yourself, check the textbooks you are using and often you will find questions to challenge your knowledge.

Recall: Try to recall the main ideas when you have completed an article or chapter. Repeat this recall at a different time, maybe when exercising or sitting on the bus. Can you recall all the salient points?

Spaced learning: short bursts, repeated over a set time period.

Interleaving: “Interleaving two or more subjects during practice also provides a form of spacing” (Brown, Roediger & McDaniel, 2014).

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