The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Journal Club Article: Belshaw, D. (2016). The essential elements of digital literacies.

” This is the kind of book that still requires some work on the part of the reader to translate into practical action. In other words, this isn’t a handbook. “

  • Importance of how to learn,
  • Skills are not learned in isolation, but rather developed within a context,
  • There is a continuum of skills, through competencies up to literacies,
  • Use of Biggs Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy to explain for learning development,
  • Impact of branching logic on usability and literacy,
  • Problem finders: While solutions to problems can (and should) be creative, finding a problem to solve adds an extra dimension,
  • Constructing and remixing culturally-significant artefacts can help scaffold and develop digital literacies,
  • Identified 8 essential elements of digital literacies:

The cultural aspect of digital literacy is very interesting from a global perspective as the access to technology through mobile devices and the reduced cost of computers and tablets provide more accessibility. The internet as a source of knowledge and information challenges the traditional education knowledge sources of school, college and university.

TedX Talk by Dr Belshaw on The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Keywords: social networks; remix; elegant consumption; scalability; digital literacies.

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