Clinician-Educator in Nursing

Listening to a discussion on development pathways for educators really highlighted some career and focus points to consider. The main area that made me reflect was that some healthcare professionals would like to develop education skills and knowledge but their clinical roles are the priority and this development is one aspect of their portfolio, not the sole focus. In context of nursing, is it okay to remain in the clinical environment and not forge a career into academia? Trying to balance clinical shifts around academic calendar for joint positions is a tricky proposition.

In nursing there is also perceptions around non-clinical roles, and the fervent need to remain at the bedside to remain ‘relevant’. How to remain clinical and gain exposure to the academic nursing environment- this is the challenge for the clinician-educator.

Here is a recent conversation on the various roles of nursing and impact on the healthcare system. This includes perceptions on nursing work and a few snippets by Jennifer Jackson@JJackson_RN

“Also, we need to affirm nursing expertise in areas beyond clinical work. I have spend years learning the difference between content/thematic/discourse/textual/conversation analysis. This is as sophisticated as knowing ibuprofen/morphine/fentanyl/ketamine etc. “

“Without research, nursing isn’t a profession. We need different types of expertise, not only in clinical work. “


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