Mentorship & Mastermind Groups: Peer Support Networks

Building a network of support through mentorship, peer networking and engaging in mastermind groups as a community of practice are essential for growth and development. Mastermind groups can provide honest feedback, help refine ideas, and share insights.

For nurse educators this mastermind group could be a way for like minded individuals to connect and create a community of practice. Linking educators from clinical and academia could also be considered when choosing members to provide more diverse views.

Mastermind Group Considerations

  • Who to invite
  • Rules & expectations
  • A structure for the group
  • How to connect

Additional resources like social media, and Twitter where online communities have formed allow formal and informal networks of practice fo form.

Educational Opportunities from Peer Assisted Learning in Healthcare

The presentation below is aimed for the educator and setting up Peer Assisted Learning strategies in the clinical environment. However, the educator can take the same peer principles and opportunities for personal growth and development, and also supporting novice clinician educators.


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