Virtual Reality in Nursing

Journal Club Article: Shorey, S., & Ng, E. D. (2021). The use of virtual reality simulation among nursing students and registered nurses: A systematic review. Nurse Education Today98, 104662.

Technology is changing every aspect of life, including healthcare and nursing needs to ensure that training the future workforce is ready. New roles, remote consults, new technology, who knows what the future brings for nursing so nursing. Nursing education is the same, is time to move away from learning management systems, core reading lists, or having simulation facilities? This systematic review considers the following areas in nursing education:

  • Use of virtual worlds to learn and interact in
  • Use of virtual worlds to teach theoretical knowledge
  • Distinguish between desktop virtual simulation and immersive virtual reality

Opporunties to research for nurse education:

  • Future studies should examine the cost-effectiveness of the use of virtual worlds.
  • Future research on current virtual world technology is needed.

The realities of VR in healthcare by Bradley Chesham (Bundle of Rays)