QR Codes In The Classroom

I recently came across a group of education developers using Quick Response (QR) codes in a higher education setting, creating an interactive environment. Having never used these in teaching before, I was motivated to look into this further and share my learning experience. So this post is in itself a work in progress as we learn how to incorporate QR codes into a learning or work environment. It would be great if anyone has any recommendations or advice, so please add a comment at the bottom of the page. As we create more codes we will also post them into the blog. The videos below provide a fantastic introduction to QR codes.

The magic of QR codes in the classroom – Karen Mensing (Ted-Ed)

Using QR Codes in the Classroom

How To Create A QR Code – Instructions 101

QR Code Generators

QR Code Scanners

Just access your app store for your mobile device (Android, iPhone, Windows) and there should be plenty of free resources.

QR Code: First Attempt 

qrcode.35591936 (1)Ideas For Using QR Codes

  • Embed into presentations and resources for easy access.
  • Create a problem solving “scavenger hunt” case study.
  • Education: scan the QR code to reveal a task and create team work together to get the task complete, using communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Get staff to use and create QR codes to develop their IT skills.
  • Place QR codes around your unit informing staff of updates.
  • Link to access or helpful resources (create information hot spots in the environment).
  • Makes learning more creative and interactive (could be a fad but its something different to add).
  • Link to a YouTube playlist.
  • They are typically free to create, so give it a go.