Make it Visual with Slide-ology

Now I have always been a fan of using imagery to portray the message rather than cramming reams of words onto a PowerPoint slide. My approach to slide-ology (Nancy Duarte) is based on a little bit of education theory mixed with a dose of laziness as I am not the worlds greatest proof reader or checking for formatting issues (see any of my past assignments and feedback comments). One lesson I have learnt is to make sure you add plenty of notes with your slides in case one of your colleagues needs to step in last minute or you move job and you leave some quality resources for the next incumbent. Ones persons imagery and story is a total head scratcher for the next educator.

Some of the resources being created in the #FOANed and #FOAMed communities are of such high quality, the imagery, podcasts and resources are very professional (see some examples below).

Below are some great resources to improve presentations from a visual aspect. Slide-ology skills await: