Team Intelligence & Collective Intelligence

This Twitter post from @AVASociety provides a reminder of the importance of teamwork and team intelligence to learn, develop and work together to achieve your mission goals.  In higher education the historical methods of examination such as the exam or assignment have been set with a solo focus, not with a collaborative approach. Completing group assignments is not easy but the communication, delegation, reasoning, connecting, collaborating and problem solving are some additional skills, as well as learning of course. Instead of 1 persons resources, you have 4 peoples resources and ideas. The project is much more expansive and pushes the boundaries of the discussion and  evidence visited (as long as the group works together!).  This is all part of the Collective Intelligence aspect. This approach provides an education focus more along the lines of those desired work ready skills (#teamwork).

Keywords: Cognitive complexity; Team Intelligence; Teamwork; Collective Intelligence

Working in Unison: The System Works 

Matteo Vistocco


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