The Underbelly of Research: Delving Deeper

There is a murky side to publication that can really push the boundaries of ethics and the integrity of how we may portray research and evidence based practice. As nurses we are trained to critique an article and question the quality, merits and transferability of the result findings. Now if you think your skilled at critiquing an article, think again and listen to this enlightening talk by Simon Finfer (Intensivist) on The Light & Dark Side of Research & Publication.

Take a read of Boldt: The great pretender which outlines one of the biggest research scandals of recent times about an internationally renowned researcher and the impact on the colloid versus crystalloid fluid debate.

Some terminology to delve further into from Elliott (2010):

  • Publication planning
  • Publish or perish
  • Ghost writing
  • Reprint revenue
  • Predatory journals
  • Predatory conferences
  • Medical Education & Communications Companies (MECC)
  • Medical Education Service Suppliers (MESS)



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