Coffee Shop Creativity

Studying in silnce may help your focus but what about when we need inspiration and a bit of creativity? COVID lockdown depending, the coffee shop with its ambient noise, lighting and interacting with others, say in an informal meeting or brain storm session.

Thinking Outside The Box

“Some of the most successful people in history have done their best work in coffee shops. Pablo Picasso, JK Rowling, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Bob Dylan – whether they’re painters, singer-songwriters, philosophers or writers, people across nations and centuries have tapped into their creativity working away at a table in a café” (BBC, 2021)

“However, when it comes to creative thinking, ambient noise has been seen to improve creativity. Specifically, typical coffee shop ambient noise of 70 decibels was seen to be optimum. Whereas quieter than 50dB and louder than 85dB caused creativity to drop off” (Summers, 2021)

It’s Not The Caffeine It’s The People

“Researchers have shown how creative thinking can be cultivated by simple habits like exercisesleep and reading. But another catalyst is unplanned interactions with close friends, casual acquaintances and complete strangers” (The Conversation, 2020).

Surely a good shot or two of caffeine helps as well?


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