Nursing Workforce: The Future

Journal Club Article: Berlin, G., Lapointe, M. & Murphy, M. and Viscardi. M.(2021). Nursing in 2021: Retaining the healthcare workforce when we need it most. McKinsey & Company.

Twenty Two Percent: That’s how many nurses indicated in a recent McKinsey survey that they may leave their current position providing direct patient care within the next year.

Educating and developing is a huge part of nursing, but short term goals in the professional could really focus on supporting the current workforce. This will then allow future nurses the chance to be trained, preceptored and mentored by a larger body of qualifed and experienced nurses. Dropping junior nurses into hospitals impacted and stretched with COVID-19 could just exacerbate the burnout and churn in nursing. Please put your comments below or on social media platforms to hear how nursing should be supported to prevent the need to ‘rebuild’ the nursing workforce.