Research for Health Professionals: Theory (Part 1)

Journal Club Article: Varpio, L., Paradis, E., Uijtdehaage, S., & Young, M. (2020). The distinctions between theory, theoretical framework, and conceptual frameworkAcademic Medicine95(7), 989-994.

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Developing research skills is important in healthcare to become part of and shape evidence based practice, have the ability to design and develop studies, measure and change practice, impact and measure outcomes, evolve nursing and standards of care. We will look at this article in two parts to keep it all a little lighter as concepts can be heavy going and research is similar to education in that the theory and concepts can be exclusional with all the wordiness and complexity (or at least it is for me).

What is the difference between a theory, a theoretical framework, and a conceptual framework?

  • Theory
    • set of statements to explain a phenomenon and to make some understanding.
  • Theoretical framework
    • brining the theory and work to life or the real world.
  • Conceptual framework
    • why your doing the study, the literature review, the gap in the knowledge, why its important.

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