Facilitation Instructions for In Situ Simulations

Needing to create or develop workplace simulations to support hospital guideline or policy training and build clinical skills in a safe and supportive learning environment? These resources are designed to assist in establishing a framework around implementing simulation programs in the healthcare clinical environment.

Resource: AHRQ – Facilitation Instructions for Conducting In SitU Simulations

  • Pre-Simulation Preparation.
  • Day-Before-Simulation Checklist.
  • Pre-Simulation Briefing.
  • Sample Simulations—Overview and Structure.
  • Simulation Assessment Guidance.
  • Debriefing.

This additional on establishing a program of in-situ simulations – AHRQ In Situ Simulation.

Additional Resources

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Eller, S., Rudolph, J., Barwick, S., Janssens, S., & Bajaj, K. (2023). Leading change in practice: how “longitudinal prebriefing” nurtures and sustains in situ simulation programsAdvances in Simulation8(1), 1-9.