Nursing Resilience: Organisational Values

Journal Club Article: Cooper, A. L., Brown, J. A., & Leslie, G. D. (2021). The impact of organisational values on nurse resilience: A mixed‐methods studyJournal of Nursing Management29(7), 2074-2083.

Method: A two-phase mixed-methods design, with data collected in Phase 1 via a cross-sectional survey and in Phase 2 via focus groups, with thematic analysis of qualitative data.

Participants: 394 nurses responded to the survey with 25 participating in the follow-up focus groups.

Setting: Single 578-bed private, not-for-profit acute hospital.

Results: 3 themes relating to organisational values were identified:

  1. Pressures and challenges
  2. Supports and strategies
  3. Impact of organisational values

Conclusion: “Organisational values may positively impact resilience if nurses concur
with those values and believe they are shared by their employer.”

Clinical Importance: This study importantly investigated the impact of organisational values on nurse resilience. Additionally the approach of resilience as an organisation rather than just at the the individual level is important. Take a look at the resource below from @DGlaucomflecken and resilience.

Additional Resource: Resilience in Healthcare