Restorative Practice

What Is Restorative Practice?
  • A process to developing respect, empathy, social responsibility and self regulation. Effective relationships are the central to ways of working. Restorative practice can be approached from 3 levels (the individual, organisation or wider state/national level). Restorative practice can be proactive or responsive. To build emotional intelligence and resilience is the proactive practice. Responsive approaches establish a climate of resolving conflict and potential harms.
The Aim?
  • Create a win-win solution
  • Develop restorative conversation
  • Build on relationships
  • Self awareness and mindfulness
  • Social learning
“Restore community in a disconnected world” (Hendry, 2010) Skills for Restorative Practice
  • Active listening
  • Communicate assertively
  • Empathetic communication
  • Reflect on behaviour
  • Understand and address other individual’s behaviour
  • Consistently manage interpersonal relationships
Restorative Practice
(Hendry, 2010, pg 30)What is Being Restored?
  • Creating a culture of staff development, collaborative working practices and accountable team members.
  • Individuals self concept (intrapersonal)
  • Relationships (interpersonal)
History of Restorative Practice? Is linked to retributive justice and the mediation practices in the criminal justice system.  A variety of disciplines and fields, including education, psychology, social work, criminology, sociology,organizational development and leadership utilise restorative practice to build healthy communities. Reflective Question Time for Educators Consider past colleagues, students or courses you have been involved in and the relationships you developed in these interactions. Think specifically in terms of “good/enjoyable” groups and those who were  “challenging or not engaged”. Could restorative practices have improved the effective working practices? References

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