Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs) are explicit statements of what a learner is expected to achieve, and to what standard or level of achievement (Biggs and Tang, 2011). When creating nurse education and training in the workplace, simulation centre or higher education setting, the importance of designing intended learning outcomes are vital. ILOs are central to the design of teaching and assessment so should be part of the initial planning phases. Setting the aim of the learning activity and any related tasks provides a stage for effective teaching and engagement from the participant. The nurse educator needs to be committed to setting ILO’s, delivering content and then measuring outcomes of the delivered education. Education Aims:
  • What is the purpose of the education?
  • What is the aim of the education?
  • What are the outcomes we hope to achieve?
What learning is to occur?
  • Pyschomotor- physical skills  
  • Cognitive- understanding and comprehending
  • Affective- values, beliefs and behaviours
Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Who are your audience and at what level of higher order thinking is to be achieved?
  • Remember the authenticity of any assessments needs to be considered for adult learner engagement.
Bloom's Taxonomy
Educator Approach
  • Facilitator or teacher?
  • Learner centred.  
  • Avoiding surface learning and aiming for deep and meaningful learning.
  • Motivations for students
  • Set SMART goals
Structure Other questions such as resources, sustainability, relevance and human factors also need to be addressed in the developing phases.
  • Skills: What students should be able to do at course completion.
  • Knowledge: What students should know and understand at course completion.
  • Attitudes: Students’ opinions about the subject matter of the course at completion.
Formulating ILOs
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