Learning To Learn:Understanding Understanding

The nurse educator is to deliver, create and evaluate education programs as part of their role. The question is: How do we as nurse educators create and evaluate our education and training programs?

Based on the “Constructive Alignment” theory developed by Prof. John Biggs, “Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding” is an award-winning short-film about teaching at university and higher-level educational institutions. The aim of the the 3 videos is to help understand what a teacher needs to do in order to make sure all types of students actually learn what the education program intended.

Just replace higher-level educational institution with ‘workplace’ to keep the context for the workplace education setting but it is likely the same adult learners and educators exist in the healthcare setting.

Part 1: Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding

As you watch Part 1:

  • Consider the types of learners in your unit.
  • Consider the motivators to learn, is the education formal or informal, optional or prescribed?
  • Reflect on when you are motivated to learn or what inspires you.

Part 2: Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding

As you watch Part 2:

  • Consider your own view on how education should be delivered and do you think this approach engages the learner?
  • Do you consider levels of taxonomy depending on the participants?

Part 3: Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding

As you watch Part 3:

  • Consider the intended learning outcomes of the education you deliver. Are the training activities aligning with the learning outcomes?


Biggs, J. & Tang, C. (2011). Teaching For Quality Learning At University (4th ed.). Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education. [sample here]


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