Nano & Micro Future of Health & Education

Recent online posts on nanotechnologies and terminologies caught my attention and even though they were from different specialty areas, the themes were all related, in particular looking into the future of work and education. As they were both healthcare and education they aligned perfectly in my areas of interest.


The terms NanodegreeMicrodegree and Micocredential in the future may become part of our education make-up according to Jeffrey Young (EdSurge, 2016). The shorter and focused courses, often delivered online may then be able to be used for work accreditation, or bundled together to form the equivalent of a traditional degree. This approach could create a new route away from traditional education pathways, potentially more accessible than the high cost of many countries in their approach to higher education. It will all be about credentialing and if employers recognise such education. Young also warns that the traditional universities have been and will likely still be around for a long time to come.

This blog is created with a micro-learning approach for quick learning on the go.


Nanotechnology, Nanorobots and Nanodevices all with the potential to deliver or operate at the specific site that is required, rather than impacting the whole body and potential immune responses from the host. Mesco (2016) states that “the word symptom would be completely eradicated from our medical dictionaries”. @Berci provides more discussion on the potential power of nanotechnology in healthcare in his book The Guide to the Future of Medicine: technology and the human touch (2014).

Nano: The unit of measurement is in nanometer. A nanometer is a million times smaller than the length of an ant.

Keywords:  Nanodegree; Microdegree; Micocredential; Nanotechnology; Nanorobots; Nanodevices; Nanometer; @Berci.


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