Play Your Way To Curious

This gaming resource blends the fields of education, psychology and interactive visualisation to spark curiosity and cultivate relaxed alertness. For the educator the interesting aspects are the background work on looking at the learning environment and how humans interact with immersive technology.

Nuro: an online experience that helps users reach an open, curious mindset known as ‘relaxed alertness’ – the optimal state for learning.

The components of the framework for Nuro’s in-game environment, are:

  • “agency: You can determine what happens next
  • exploration: A sense of journey. The game engages your curiosity through your senses
  • security: Play in a safe environment, free of judgement
  • space: You have the ability to create their own space.

From psychology, incorporated Dr Hugrass’s research into flow states. The activities you’ll complete are carefully chosen to prompt a state of flow by:

  • stimulating both the creative and functional parts of your brain
  • featuring predictable patterns
  • matching the difficulty level to your level of skill and attention.”

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