Towards a Theory of Online Learning

This weeks education journal club articles are by Professor Terry Anderson from Athabasca University , Canada and the focus is all around looking at developing our skills in the creation of online education resources. Some key areas to focus on are the 6 types of education interation and the model of online learning:

  1. Student-Content
  2. Student-Teacher
  3. Student-Student
  4. Teacher-Content
  5. Teacher-Teacher
  6. Content-Content

How people learn framework and considerations for the type of interaction most conductiver to learning for the student and curriculum needs:

  • Learned-centred
  • Knowledge-centred
  • Community-Centred
  • Assessment-Centred

There is nothing more practical than a good theory

Kurt Lewin

Journal Club Articles

Anderson, T. Towards a Thoery of Online Learning. Retrieved 2021.

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