The Nurse Educator in COVID-19

The healthcare system has been thoroughly tested during the COVID-19 but this months jounral club article looks at the nurse educators demonstration of agility in adjusting to the rapid changes to the the education which they were required to deliver.

Results to note: Reported significant occupational and psychological impacts, but also some unexpected positives and new practices which they intend to maintain following the pandemic

Suprinsing positives with practices hopefully to be continued postpandemic :

  • Online education,
  • virtual meetings,
  • working from home.

Journal Club Article: Wynter, K., Holton, S., Considine, J., Hutchinson, A., Munt, R., Williams, R., … & Rasmussen, B. (2021). The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australian hospital-based nursing and midwifery educatorsCollegian.