Journal Club: Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation

Journal Club Article: Zhong, B., Sarkar, M., Menon, N. et al. (2021).Obstetric neonatal emergency simulation workshops in remote and regional South India: a qualitative evaluationAdv Simul 6, 36.

Background: Maternal and neonatal mortality continues to substantial burden low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Research Questions:

  1. What are the factors affecting successful management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies in remote to regional areas of South India?
  2. How does the ONE-Sim workshop contribute to managing obstetric and neonatal emergencies in their practice, as perceived by participants?

Study Design: Qualitative descriptive design use pre and post training survey.

Education Approach & Philosphy: The ONE-Sim workshop is an adaptable, culturally responsive learning package and follows situated learning theory. The ONE-Sim workshops use low technology, low-maintenance mobile simulation equipment that can be transferred to distant sites and quickly set up to implement training for multi-professional teams

Education Practical Delivery: “A Prompt Flex simulator (Limbs and Things, Bristol, UK) and a neonatal resuscitation model, Newborn Anne (Laerdal Medical, Stavanger, Norway), were used as simulation equipment. These were packed together in a suitcase and were easily portable from site to site, requiring 15-30 min to set up prior to the workshop.”

Results Summary: “Participants identified their relationship with the patient, the support provided by other health professionals, identifying their gaps in knowledge and experience, and the scarcity of resources as factors that influenced their experience of birth emergencies. Following the workshops, participant learning centred on improving team and personal performance and approaching future emergencies with greater confidence.”

Clinical Challenges: Challenges were generally around patient experience, senior health professional support and resources.

Additional Education Focused Article: This post those in education looking at measuring their training with the aim to achieve a clinical outcome, not just behaviour or attitude:

Nursing Education Network. (2021). Journal Club: Evaluation of Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training Using Kirkpatrick’s Framework.

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